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LT5101H With Integrated Laser Scanner   

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Product Overview

Item No: F07907
Price: $799.00


The LT5101H TriCoder with built inLaser Scanner and the ergonomic gun handle is $799.00 - Unlike othermanufacturers who have hidden costs, there is nothingelse to buy at this low price. This is the Plug and Play price. Thereis no uploading station or software development package to purchase.

Every TriCoder includes uploadingsoftware, a C25 USB upload & recharge cable, F17 power supply,Li-ion battery, shoulder strap, voice recording tools, and fulldocumentation - everything necessary to program and use the TriCoder isincluded.

Rugged Design Features
The 5100 TriCoders are designed tobe long lasting and rugged. Tests show no damage after multiple 5 footdrops to concrete.
Wehave implemented several design features to maximise the toughness ofthe unit including:

  • Single Main PCB Design for HighReliability
  • 70 Durometer Silicone Rubber ShockBumper
  • Dust & Splash ResistantDesign Features
  • Built-In Connector Cover
  • Dual Micro USB Ports
  • Sealed Keypad design to preventcontamination from entering unit
  • Special Coated Keys for long life
  • Robust .060" Thick, ScratchResistant Polycarbonate LCD Overlay
  • Shock Mounted LCD Module
  • Battery Door and/or Handle areMechanically Screwed Down
  • Tough Thick Wall PolycarbonatePlastic Housing
  • Black Color - Reduces Appearance ofDirt & Grime
  • Integrated Rugged Strap Eyelet

Advanced Ergonomics
The 5100 TriCoder has been designedwith the ergonomics of tLT5000heuser in mind. It uses a high visibility 15 Line TFT Color QVGA LCDDisplay for use indoors and outdoors. In addition, the keypad layouthas been designed to make scanning and keying easier. The small sizeand weight of the unit, along with the curved shape, make itcomfortable and easy to hold for long periods of time.

The gun handle on the LT5101H, LT5100Hand LT5120H models makes scanning much easier for long term use.

Bar Code Scanning
The LT5101 & LT5101H TriCoderscome with a high speed 1D barcode laser scanner built right into thetop of the unit. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on thehandle, a laser beam scans at 100 times per second to pick up evenpoorly printed or damaged bar codes easily. The unit can also scan veryhigh density codes with narrow bars as small as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm)- equivalent to 23cpi Code 39!

Below is the chart of the typicalrange of reading on the LT5101 & LT5101H with the IntegratedLaser Engine. A 6 mil barcode is considered high density, the 10mil and14mil are typical general purpose medium density, and the 40 mil and100 mil are large low density codes.

Laser Decode Range

Density Chart

The LT5100 TriCodercomes with a more powerful high speed 1D barcode laser scanner offeringadditional reading range and an optional aiming dot to help in toughscanning situations. When you press the scan button, or the trigger onthe handle, a laser beam scans at 100 times per second to pick up evenpoorly printed or damaged bar codes easily. It has a 30% increase inreading range compared to the LT5101 units plus it can scan very highdensity codes with narrow bars as small as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm) -equivalent to 23cpi Code 39!

The LT5101, LT5101H, LT5100 readstandard 1D Bar code including; UPC/EAN, UCC-EAN-128, Code 39, FullASCII Code 39, Code 128, GS1-128, ITF-14, GTIN, Codabar, MSI Plessey,GS1 DataBar (RSS-14) omni and stacked variants, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5,Standard 2 of 5, Bookland EAN, Code 11, LabelCode4, LabelCode5, StorageTek, and Code 93. The reader auto discriminates automatically.

2D Matrix &Omni-Directional Bar Code Scanning
The LT5120 & LT5120H TriCoderscome with a omni-directional 2D barcode scanner built right into thetop of the unit. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on thehandle, a high speed 100 scan per second imaging engine scans 2D matrixbarcodes, as well as standard 1D bar codes easily. The scan imager isalso omni-directional, so you don't have to have the LT5020Hbarcode lined up to scan it.

It reads all popular 2D matrix typebar codes such as PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix (ECC 2000),Composite Codes, Aztec, QR Code, and MicroQR Code, as well as thePostal Codes USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code, US Postnet, US Planet, UKPostal, Japan Postal, Australian Postal, and Dutch Postal, along withmany others.The 2D bar code can have up to 99 charactersencoded in the code.

In addition, it still reads thestandard 1D barcodes including; UPC/EAN, UCC-EAN 128, Code 39, FullASCII Code 39, TriOptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 128, Codabar, MSI, Code11, GS1 DataBar, Composite, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, DTF Discrete 2 of5, Bookland EAN, Code 93 and many others. The LT5120 and LT5120Hscanning engine also scans very high density codes with narrow bars assmall as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm) - equivalent to 23cpi Code 39!

PDF-417UPC-ADataMatrixMaxiCodeUSPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code

Internal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
We are using a industry standardNP-120 Li-ion battery in the unit which has a capacity of 1800mAh. Inthe event of failure this battery is field replaceable - via 2 screwson the door or handle. With our advanced battery charging you can havea full charge in 2 hours or less! Intelligent charging replenishes onlythe power used - no need to fully discharge batteries or wait through afull charging cycle for partially used batteries!

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