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Curriculum-based Educational Resource Finder

CERF™ Curriculum Education Resource Finder   

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Product Overview

Item No: F05500
Price: $500.00 /Year


CERF is your authoritative guide to safe Websites by providing authoritative access to resources for over 350,000 unique educational topics. When you use CERF, you add site selectors, cataloguers and technology support technicians to your library support staff.


Federated Search: CERF works with cooperating library automation systems to add seamless searching of its resources from a library’s online public access catalog.


Dewey Numbers: These numbers cross reference to the library collection and also create a cross reference of curriculum standards and library resources that cooperating automation systems can link using federated search technology.


Maintenance: New sites are catalogued daily and staff review and weed inactive links from the database.


Website descriptions include summaries, subject headings (topics), and curriculum standards links, where applicable


Information resource types: lesson plans, multimedia, timelines, maps, primary resources, biographies, pictures, podcast and video streaming Websites.


Grade level resources: PK, K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and Professional


Subject searches: Arts, English (Literature, Composition, ESL), Foreign Languages, Health, Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science), Social Studies (History, Geography, Education, Economics, Religion), Technology


Topic browsing: Browse “topics” (subject headings) to refine searches.


Bibliographies: Create, annotate, sort, print or email bibliographies of selected Websites.


Online Reference Service: Email prompting to send a Website request to our research staff. Staff usually responds within 48 hours, most often within two to three hours.


Additional information


CERF General Website Access: www.cerfinfo.com


Multimedia Tutorial: (speakers required) http://www.cerfinfo.com/cerf/tutorial/cerf.htm


FAQ: http://www.cerfinfo.com/screen/faq.html


Free Preview Offer

Email or fax your request for a free,
two month C.E.R.F.™ Directory Preview.


C.E.R.F.™ Central Communications
Telephone (Canada & USA)
Toll Free (877) 331-1022
Fax (514) 336-8217

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